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Whether your coaching focus is for your personal or professional life, Lynne shows you how to realize your vision.

Lynne’s unique approach melds intuitive work with coaching in a way that is totally different, dynamic, and deeply moving, leading to practical applicable results. Her approach allows you to understand what is happening in your life, while aiding you in making transformations.

With her coaching, directors and senior managers have clarified and accomplished strategic initiatives; emerging leaders and technical managers have improved their people skills to get better performance results, engage team members and excel as leaders. Lynne has coached people to achieve better results in their career and relationships since 1998 and micro-business start-ups since 2004. Her designations include Professional Certified Coach, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Certified Business Counsellor and most recently, Certified in Conversational Intelligence®.
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CPC, ELI-MP, Mission Accomplished Academy.

In keeping with my relaxed style, I explain who I am by sharing some key life experiences. In childhood I knew there was way more to life than what I was told. In my teens I started experimenting with consciousness expansion. By 15, I was learning all I could about mysticism.

At 18 I joined a School of the Soul. During this 10 year period, I learned and practiced the Qabalah (Tree of Life), tarot, meditation and yoga. At 28 I left the school (although kept refining my lessons) to find my ideal mate, start a business and find ways to pass on to others what I’d received in my spiritual training. At 31 I married my ideal mate and we are still together today.

In 1997 I founded the Tree of Life Sanctuary, a not for profit 501(c)3 School of the Soul, where I teach Qabalah, life purpose, tarot and more. In 2003 I became a certified life coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, and began offering coaching through Mission Accomplished Academy, a division of the Tree of Life Sanctuary.

I am still growing, learning and expanding as I am obviously hooked on it! Are you hooked too? Are you looking to improve your life by truly living according to your Soul purpose? If spirituality is high on your values list, then I may the right coach for you.


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A multi-media producer, writer, coach and musician who has been living her dreams for four decades and loves to teach others how to live theirs. Dudley met her soulmate, Dean Evenson, in 1968 and they have been creative, spiritual and business partners ever since. During the 1970s, they traveled with their young family in a half-sized, converted school bus documenting the new consciousness that was emerging using the early portable video camera that had just been released.

In 1979, after years of making videos with no way to distribute them, she and her flautist husband, Dean, co-founded their music label Soundings of the Planet. As pioneers in the field of sound healing, the Evensons have created over 80 albums and videos and taught workshops on sound and healing. Their award-winning music has been used in hospitals, prisons, schools, yoga, massage and spiritual centers to support people’s healing and life process.

Dudley has created her own series of guided affirmations albums and popular online courses. She is especially interested in sharing what she has learned about vocal toning, affirmations, meditation and the chakras. Her teachings and blog focus on the self-healing wisdom that she and Dean have discovered during their spiritual quest over 40 years. A popular release of her guided meditations is Chakra Meditations & Tones. She and her husband, Dean Evenson, have just released their first book – Quieting the Monkey Mind: How to Meditate with Music. Available on amazon and everywhere books are sold.


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Terri Hase, is a woman with many facets – Speaker, Coach, Trainer, Mentor, Radio Personality, and Teacher. She is passionate about people, and lives her life in wonder and gratitude. She is funny and fierce, with a flair for the fabulous! Terri is known to be direct, witty, and dedicated to your success. She’s been speaking, training, and presenting for nearly 20 years. In 2002 she added professional coaching to her resume, and it’s been the perfect skill-set to round out her talents and passions. Terri and her husband are now the owners of the renowned coach training school Impact Coaching Academy. You can find Terri at


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Bruce Hostetter’s career has spanned the fields of  landscape architecture, solar architecture, architectural lighting design, green building, product design and many years in the field of higher education. While teaching, he  developed curriculum in the fields of  landscape architecture, lighting design, sustainable development and sustainable business. He applied his ongoing training in Improv and Gestalt to his work to be more fully present.

He received his coaching training at Invite Change in Edmonds, Washington, The 18 month program and 150+ hour ICF accredited program is one of the most extensive trainings offered and prepares coaches to be competent at the advanced Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level. Each coaching program has its own philosophical orientation. The belief at Invite Change is that the key to effective coaching is for each student to know who he or she is at their ESSENCE. We understand that in order to  be fully present and competent we need to come from a place of PERSONAL SOVEREIGNTY. We know that in order to fully engage with our clients we need to be curious and fully engaged in our own, never-ending personal growth.

Bruce’s approach is both structured and intuitive. Transformational Coaching is a partnership between two people and their unique expertise.The Client is the “Content Expert”. The coach trust the client to have all of the resources, capacity, and creativity to find wholeness in his or her life.       The Coach is the “Process Expert”. The client trust the coach to have the ability to be: fully present in the conversation, remain curious, and have the necessary perspective to form powerful questions that can increase awareness and help the client move forward. We will typically begin with a discovery session which can assist you in making an experiential decision  about moving forward with the coaching process. Our contact time is typically 45 minutes which allows time for clearing before we begin and feedback-questions afterward.


Life and Business Coach, Illuminosity Coaching.

Marcia professionally coaches individuals, leaders, and organizations in their own self-discovery using an ontological (who you are being) coaching base coupled with a strong background in human performance training and improvement. This winning approach enables a partnering relationship that is focused on specific, attainable, measurable, and timely results; helping people and teams to step into the vision of their own greatness.

Marcia has an extensive leadership background in both the manufacturing and service industries. Her workforce areas of expertise include sales/marketing systems, administration, and human performance development through training/mentoring programs. The passion for celebrating human ingenuity directed her talents to the coaching field where she felt she could best support human beings in making a difference in their own lives.

Marcia is an Accomplishment Coaching Certified Coach, a Certified Facilitator for Human Process Improvement, a Level 2 CHE Practitioner, and an S.H.E.S. Ordained Minister (Non-Denominational). This mix encompasses mind, body, and spirit providing a unique combination of the practical and the spiritual. If you are looking for clarity to get things back on track; let her assist you with coaching that will illuminate your journey.