International Coaching Week – Get Coached!

Is there something you want more of in your life, less of in your life, or do you have a big goal that you’re after?

Did you know that a coach can help make it happen?

Your chance of success in the pursuit of your goals and dreams expands exponentially when you partner with a professional coach! So, if you’re up to something new or facing a particularly sticky challenge, getting coached could be the best thing you do for yourself……and the opportunity to do that is knocking RIGHT NOW.
Northwest Corner Coaches, a professional group of coaches from the greater Bellingham area, are celebrating International Coaching Week and you can benefit!  In collaboration with Invent Coworking, the Northwest Corner Coaches are offering complimentary coaching sessions to help you get more of what you want at work, and in life.
On two separate days during International Coaching Week, the NWCC coaching team is offering professional coaching sessions to the members of Invent Coworking, and the community at large.  This means YOU can get coached for FREE!

  • WHEN: Wednesday, May 17th between 6:00pm and 8:00pm AND Friday, May 19th between 11:30am and 2:00pm
  • WHERE: Invent Coworking – the largest coworking community in Bellingham! Located at 114 W Magnolia St #505, Bellingham, WA 98225
  • HOW: Reserve your spot, show up, get coached, go get your dreams!

This event is now closed. Thank you, everyone for participating! Be sure to check back often for new events, sponsored by the Northwest Corner Coaches!