Northwest Corner Coaches

Life Coaches, new, veteran, or even in the ‘just curious’ stage, gathering together for camaraderie and more. We’ll be talking technique, training, certification and business building.

We are a hybrid group representing the International Coach Federation, (Washington State Satellite Chapter) and coaches from all walks of life who may be as of yet, unaffiliated.  It’s an open and inclusive group, to say the least.

Together we can share case conferencing, moral support, fun and friendship. Plus, we can explore our power to bring coaching to the awareness of people world wide, and locally in the Pacific North West. This group promises a relaxed, open and inviting environment to support us, one and all, to becoming the professional coaches we desire to be. We believe in the abundance of opportunities that await us and want to grow into them with our colleagues by our side. We also offer monthly teleconference calls for additional support, growth and opportunity to connect!

The North West corner Coaches is facilitated by coaches, for coaches, about coaching! Join us, we’d love to meet YOU!